What mistakes to avoid when wearing a tie?

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In a list of things made wrong in fashion for men we can add the wearing of a tie of an incorrect length. This is a masculine fashion and it is the top places in the men’ top mistakes.

But there is a quick solution to this fashion mistake: just as a man can wear the tie at an incorrect length, he can wear it to the right one.

The only thing he has to do is to get to know exactly how long the tie should be, the answer being extremely simple. Find out how long the tie needs to be!

So, to the question how long does it take to be a tie, the answer does not vary, but it specifies that the ideal tip is to match the ties to the middle of the trouser belt buckle. For ties that do not end at a sharp peak, it is best to touch the middle of the belt buckle.

When a tie is worn at the right length, the balance between the legs and the bust will be perfect. When the tie has an incorrect length, the balance is disturbed: too long a tie can give the impression of negligence and chaos, and the too short tie gives the feeling of unconsciousness.

We have to remember that the length of the tie is calculated when the body is in the normal position, neither super-right nor super-cocotate, but the one in which it goes and is normally, so the posture should not be forced into the mirror.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when deciding how long the tie should be, you should also keep in mind that in length, the type of knot and width of the tie does not matter: the length of the tie should be the same, its peak be positioned in the middle of the belt buckle or, if you do not wear the strap, at the middle of the pants button.

Height and weight also matter in finding the answer to the question how long should a tie be? Because it determines whether the middle of the belt really represents the right place where the tie should end.

On the list of the biggest mistakes made by men in the business world, the tied tie is one of the worst. The weak knot of the tie gives the impression of lightness, indifference and unreliability. To the same extent, a too tight knot can give the impression of too much seriousness, strength or discomfort.

So you have to make sure that the tie knot is tied correctly, not too tightly to avoid strangling, but not too weak, so as not to give the impression. That’s how we get back to the question how long should the tie be? A too short tie, ending in front of the belt will spoil the whole ensemble. Please always choose your ties according to these aspects and you will be ok!

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