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I had some problems over the time with my site, and in the last 2 years the problems got bigger. At first I did not realized that the Google algorithms were affecting my site, but after the intervention of the specialist from the things had changed. Now my site has an incresing PR, only by posting adds with Facebook Blaster.
Sean Riley, antrepreneur
When I first met this site, I did not have any more to hope to. My business was not on profit for quite a while, my employes were worried, and so was I. I called them only to know that I had really done anything in my power to help my bussines to relaunch. Amazingly, after a few sessions on Skype, Seoday helped me with some informations which at first I thought they were childlish. Now, with his help, I’m back on business, only by posting content articles on my website. Thank you, again!
Abe Johnson, Executive Director, 45 years, London
Really now, I have the best website in all London. I can’t belive my eyes when I am searching my position in the Google top. It’s really amazing, for the money I gave for the process.
Claudia Raven, site owner
Being a trader, and having a website with a blog in which I write some technical advices about that, I am used to be, under all circumstances, a really pragmatically guy. At first I did not belive a word of the conference hold on Skype with the Seoday specialist. After a few sesions though, I managed to understand SEO importance, and to apply what I had learn. Besides that, the specialist had stayed near me, so that my site and blog are now in the first positions in Google’s top.
Mark Oliver, Forex trader
I know for quite a while, but I never worked with them. We were just friends, talking from time to time. Than suddenly I encountered some problems with my business and with my site. Talking to Dan  he offered to help, of course, for a certain price, and in a very short while he came to me with the results. I couldn’t believe that the results came only from SEO optimized content articles so i tested him with another site that I have, but with a lower PR. He did a great job with that one too, the costs were very small, and not only because of our friendship. He is the best in his league!
Philip Seymour, beauty salon owner


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