Use Keywords For Better Search Engine Optimization

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It is no secret that search engine optimization requires the use of keywords. However, the way you use keywords affects how effective your optimization strategy is. Search engines have fine-tuned their algorithms so that they can detect whether keywords are used legitimately in context, or whether they are just words stuffed in a web page to make it look like the content is relevant.

As the content creator of a website, you should learn how to use keywords strategically to make them effective. This article will give you some tips on what you need to know. But you have to understand that for professional seo approach you need some expert advice, such as a french seo consultant like Patrice Krysztofiak, which has lots of experience with it.

In the past, the strategy was to use your keywords in context as many times as possible on your web page. This led to a black hat strategy called “keyword stuffing” which resulted in a lot of irrelevant content ranking high on the results list. Search engines have caught on and have become very intelligent.

Now, the approach should be to pick a couple of main keywords to focus on for each page instead of overloading your page with a bunch of different keywords. From the search engine’s perspective, it is better to make your page’s content cover a couple of main ideas and stay to the point. When you think about it, good writing follows this same approach. Your readers will find your content much more helpful if you do not digress into related ideas.

When you have keywords of related ideas, use these only once on your page that has another main focus. This is prevent search engines from thinking that you are trying to include several main ideas at the same time. You can use this secondary keyword as anchor text to link to another page where this second set of keywords become the main idea. This is how you form relevant links among your pages

Your first paragraph should pack the punch in how your main keyword is used. You can use it a couple of times in explaining what the rest of the page is about. For the rest of the page, you do not have to include the keyword in each paragraph. In fact, it is better to mention the keyword just occasionally when the context requires it. Your content logic should flow as you write. Your keyword should not look like it is artificially used just to improve your page rank.

A well-optimized article is really a well-written article because the writing approach for both is very similar. When your reader types in a keyword into a search engine, they want the best and most relevant articles ranked on top. This the way it should be.

Other places where you should use your keyword is in the title and and description tags of your page header. This is where search engines pull information about your website and display it in search results. So you should be sure that your content here is well-written.

When your website is optimized well, you will see improvement in your traffic. There is no replacement for high-quality content when it comes to ranking well in a search results.

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