The Bilingual International School of Paris (BISP)

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The Bilingual International School of Paris (BISP), situated in central Paris, is a specialist language school with an international reputation and core focus upon providing a dual French and English education to the very highest standard.

In order to prepare pupils for higher education and equip them with the skills necessary to successfully negotiate today’s multi-cultural and increasingly globalized world, BISP recognizes that a first class dual education is key. Children at the school are from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and are actively encouraged to integrate and learn about different cultures.

BISP utilises an immersive approach to language development, using both French and English in all aspects of communication. Immersive language learning provides the children with a range of linguistic, social and cognitive benefits over more traditional language learning methods. Essentially, with this immersive dual language approach, neither French nor English is deemed to be a foreign language.

Small classes for individualized learning programs

Class sizes are small in order to allow pupils to benefit from individualized learning programs, each tailored towards a child’s specific level and requirements. The classroom environment in which the children learn is both friendly and welcoming which supports and promotes their well-being and development.

The international school in Paris offers a range of activities and workshops centred around themes of art, drama, dance, physical education and music in order to encourage pupils to develop their skills and confidence, and help to contribute towards providing them with a well-rounded education beyond purely an academic level.

Dance sessions are held each week with a professional dancer, whilst in music lessons, the children sing in both French and English, reinforcing their bilingual language skills.

BISP also offer pupils aged between 3 and 6 the opportunity to join vacation camps during the summer break. These camps are conducted entirely in English, providing pupils with the ideal opportunity to develop and practice their English language skills outside of a classroom environment.

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