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Seo packagesWe like to believe we are the best. We have a thousand reasons to argue that. We work 100% on our websites, on our Facebook group and on our website.

We work intensivly in social media marketing, to promote articles in social media in order to attract and direct traffic to our clients.

I want to assure you that the system implemented by us is in perfect accordance with all the Google requirements and will not result in penalties on your site.

I specify that just because 90% of the Romanian market offerings could harm your site more than it could help it.

Talking to he offered to help, of course, for a certain price, and in a very short while he came to me with the results. I couldn’t believe that the results came only from SEO optimized content articles so i tested him with another site that I have, but with a lower PR. He did a great job with that one too, the costs were very small, and not only because of our friendship. He is the best in his league!
Philip Seymour, beauty salon owner

  • Seo Packages for UK
  • Unique articles writing 500 words
  • Sites to publish articles with Pr 1-5
  • Articles promoted on our social accounts*
  • Delivery time(Working Days)

*Posting on our social accounts means: to promote each one of your articles on our Facebook pages with more than 100,000 fans (total), on Twitter account: 2000 followers, Pinterest: 1400, Linkedin Account: 700, Google +:950, Stumbleupon account, etc

We offer you the best SEO Optimization Packages an Promotions:

Consider that more than that can not be done:

– 500 words plus Unique Article
– posted articles on different sites, different servers, a lot of them with a lot of experience in their back.
– combined real social signals at each post in Facebook likes, Twitter tweet and retweet and Linkedin Share and soon even on Pinterest.

We also have 110 personal sites on which you can promote your unique articles.

Being a trader, and having a website with a blog in which I write some technical advices about that, I am used to be, under all circumstances, a really pragmatically guy. At first I did not belive a word of the conference hold on Skype with the Seoday specialist. After a few sesions though, I managed to understand SEO importance, and to apply what I had learn. Besides that, the specialist had stayed near me, so that my site and blog are now in the first positions in Google’s top.
Mark Oliver, Forex trader

I must specify that we will not use other sites on which we can post your articles the sistem being developed by our team, with our own 100% resources. Perhaps we are the only SEO company in the country that uses its own resources and doesn’t spam on other sites!

More than that we also have direct traffic results and we are generating direct sales, meaning that along the SEO side we can also cover the marketing and sales promotion. We have customers who only opt for the purpose of the marketing leaving the SEO side out of care.


The promotion of an article of big interest on the old and authoritative sites which will be indexed in Google and will turn in attracting visitors (marketing)
Obtaining a link in an excellent quality content to your site that will definitely help you in increasing in the eyes of the search engine (SEO)


  • In each month you will receive articles on other websites (so if you buy this package for 2-3 months in a row).
  • We have sites on every specific top level domain: .ro, .com,.net,, .ca, and this helps a lot for diversity .
  • We own sites between 1-13 years old!
  • Our sites are randomly hosted on servers located in five countries with specific IPs, helping again to diversity.
  • Our sites are 100% different (we do not have 2 sites alike)

By what we do, we like to set the trend on the market and to pull out the maximum of benefits of the money that our customers pay for our services. We like to make you dearly pay us and your results are our successes as well!


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