How we should properly track our seo results?

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Being organized and tracking your progress is crucial! Use a journal or an excel sheet to record your findings.

Keep track of:

• Rankings
• Dates links are built
• URLs of where links are built
• Anchor texts of links built

Tools to track rankings: (Free for 10 keywords) (Starts at only $5 per month)

or even better than those two: allowing 25 keywords for 15 sites tracking for free :

I personally started with What’sMySerp until I could afford using SerpBook. What’sMySerp is the better service, though.

Itʼs important to keep notes because if for some reason your rankings tank, you will be able to go back and delete or change the exact links that caused a penalty (more on that later).

Lastly, please keep in mind that this SEO system is for EACH KEYWORD/PAGE you want to rank. (Each page should be targeting one keyword).

However, as you start seeing results for one specific keyword, you will start to notice other keywords rising in the SERPS as well – even the ones you havenʼt started building links to yet!
Once you gain credibility and trust with Google, your entire site will benefit.

This entire system has been repeatedly proven to rank 80% of my sites to the first page of Google, so there is no reason you wonʼt achieve the same.

The first phase of link building is to determine whether our keyword will ever rank or not.Instead of spending months trying to rank a keyword, we want to determine if it has any potential within 2 weeks.

In order to accomplish this, we will initially send 3 very powerful links to our URL.If we did a good job with keyword research and on-page SEO, our keyword will immediately rank between Page 1 and Page 5 of Google within 2 weeks.

If it does not, we need to go back to the drawing board and select a better keyword.

The reason why we want to invest in these quick links is to see if our keyword is even “rankable.” This means we want to waste as little time, money, and energy as possible.

The purpose of all these is get the “go ahead” green light.So as soon as we have our keywords and our on-page settings properly set up, we want to immediately send these powerful links to
our site and wait 2 weeks.If everything goes according to plan, your keyword WILL rank on Page 1, 2, or 3 of Google.

All at once weʼll learn whether or not our keyword will:

1. Be easy to rank for
2. Provide a fast return on investment
3. Be worth pursuing

Where To Get These Links?

The easiest and most affordable way to attain one of these links is to rent it.This means, domain owners with valuable websites will rent out real estate on their sites in the form of a link back to your site.

For now, itʼs not important if the site is relevant to your niche – however, keep in mind that relevance will play a huge role in the future. But for now… not so much. We just want to quickly gauge the competition.

I recommend our own service of powerfull blogs for getting this step, find it in here, or you can check the Backlinks main private  link market. I will be back tomorrow with a new article regarding this subject!

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