How To Check Link Metrics?

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There are many things to count for a valid evaluation of a website that you need a backlink to yours . It is not that simple that it sounds! But anyway the main factor should be relevancy, content quality, domain authorithy, and of course page rank. Simply input a domain into Moonsy to check these metrics:

Page Rank Checker:

Page Authority Checker:

MozRank Checker:

MozTrust Checker:

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For Those Links?

These are the prices you can expect to pay for each type of link:

  • From a PR 3  site –  should be around $10 per month
  • From a PR 4 site  –  should be around $20 per month
  • From a PR 5 site- should be around $30 per month

A majority of the SEO world is still stuck on the idea of PageRank as being the most important metric, thus market prices will be based on the PageRank of a domain.

However, please keep in mind that PageRank is outdated and a combination of both PageRank and Page Authority is actually a better reflection of how authoritative a link is.

At first, it may seem intimidating or expensive to be paying $30 a month on backlinks but if you think about it in terms of an investment,it is worth it in every way.

Would you pay $30 right now to prevent you from spending months of your time trying to rank a keyword?

I personally choose to buy at least 500 words articles with one time payment. It is cheeper that way. You can find lots of good blogs that offers you that . The prices for a pr 3 site should be 50$ one time payment article, for a pr 4 -75$ one time payment and of course pr 5 should be around 100-150$.

With the $30 you rent in backlinks, you will find out if your keyword will rank within 2 weeks. If it does not rank, you can cancel the monthly payment immediately and move onto your next keyword. I do not know what option do you choose. I personally like one time payment option.

Hopefully, you said “yes” and you value months of your time at more than $30.

My Site Didnʼt Rank. What Now?

If your keyword does NOT rank, then it comes down to 2 things:

1. The paid link is not strong enough, or you nees more backlinks

2. Your keyword researching needs improvement, that is meaning your on page seo needs improvement.

At this point, we want to place the keywords that rank poorly on the back burner and focus on our winners instead. The reason for this is that we are much more likely to see fast results from the keywords we are doing well with.

As a result, simply forgetting about our loser keywords will be time better spent. With this unique strategy, SEO is no longer a guessing game.

That will save us from all the bad niches that never rank and will help us quickly find all the winners.

DO NOT move forward until you find a keyword that passes rank! Again, moving on is ONLY meant for the keywords that have some results in SERP!

Itʼs just a matter of time that your site should start to creep up to the top spot. But to expedite this process, we can use the next step of our backlink strategy to speed things up!

The next step is a safe way to diversify your backlink profile and build trust at the same time. The purpose of this process is to build credibility by making your link profile look more natural.

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