How much money have you made from Facebook?

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On Google’s path to becoming the worlds leading Search Engine (by far) many people, like myself, saw the birth of an incredible opportunity. An opportunity for average people to make thousands, hundreds of thousands, even MILLIONS of dollars sitting on their couch at home!

While Google continues to drive millions of dollars into the pockets of many everyday people, there is a new opportunity that is just as big and maybe even bigger!

I’m talking about Facebook! Facebook has already created many millionaires and will continue to churn them out as they provide a central hub for people of all walks of life, in all niches, to “gather” online.

How much money have you made from Facebook? Have you begun to learn about how you can leverage that mega-community into cash?

If you’ve made little to no money and/or you’ve gained little to no knowledge about making money from Facebook, it’s time you start!

Let me tell you WHY you need to start!

1 – Facebook has 1.35 BILLION (Yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’) active users.We’re not talking about 10% user-base that actually logs in from time to time, we’re talking 1.35 billion ACTIVE members.

2 – 72% of online adults visit Facebook at least once a month. So of all adults who are connected to the internet in the world, 72% of them regularly visit Facebook (That’s what I call a ‘WOW’ stat)!

3. – There are 864 million active users every DAY.

4 – The average user spends 20 minutes or more on Facebook every day!

If someone would have told me back before Facebook that a site would come about with THOSE kinds of stats I would probably not have believed them!

But these numbers are very real and that is GREAT news for us as Internet marketers!

We have one place where people gather together in every niche under the sun and we can create our own pages on their website to tap into those hungry markets.

I just built a list in a non-IM niche of 500 people and it cost me less than $100. If it keeps up (and it is likely) I’ll be able to multiply the size of that list in a very short period of time.

The value of 500 laser-targeted email subscribers is in the multiple thousands.

In some niches 500 email subscribers is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I would not even consider myself a Facebook expert yet, but I’m making money from it… building lists from it… establishing myself in niches with it and you should too!

Someday I’m going to be revealing the exact training that I used to build that laser-targeted list of 500 email subscribers (that grows every day).

This training is jam-packed full of valuable training that will take a complete newbie and reveal to them the gold mine that Facebook has proven to be!

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