Getting Positive Results out of Social Media Marketing

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The rise of social media sites like Facebook has thrown businesses in every industry into a frenzy. Everyone wants to capitalize on this new method of connecting with customers and clients, but few people think about what makes a social media marketing campaign different from other types of advertising. If you want to effectively market your own business via social media, here are some important ways to adjust your thinking.

First, don’t dump social media into a single person’s lap. Don’t ask one employee to handle it, and don’t try to do it all yourself. Instead, enlist all of your employees in the effort to represent your business through social media. You’ll find that you already have many social media experts on your payroll; if you can get them excited about boosting your business, you’ll have a powerful force at your disposal.

Be prepared for your social media team to evolve rapidly. Some employees will be more enthusiastic and talented than others when it comes to posting about your company, interacting with customers, and spreading links around the Internet. Don’t force anyone to do social media jobs that they don’t enjoy; what you want to do is harness passion where you find it. Always give full credit to the employees who help you to build your social media presence.

Once you have a group of reliable social media enthusiasts assembled, you can begin to add some structure to their activities. Ask them to make regular updates, contact a certain number of customers, or post a certain amount of content. Don’t make the schedule you set too ambitious, and don’t ever pressure your employees to meet it. If they’re struggling with the social media schedule, it’s the schedule that needs to change, not the employees.

It’s worth devoting a moment’s special consideration to Linkedin. As the foremost social media site devoted to professional connections, Linkedin is an extremely valuable networking tool. Many of the people in your office already have Linkedin profiles. Put these existing connections to work by asking your social media workers to share their activities through Linkedin. This will have an exponential effect; ideally other people at other companies will take note of your actions and help spread the word.

If everything goes well, you’ll soon have a cadre of savvy, effective employees helping make your company more visible on social media sites. If they’re having a positive effect, make sure you congratulate them and reward them for their success. Additionally, make use of their expertise by soliciting opinions on other ways your company could make use of social media. Ask them to keep their ears to the ground and to be on the lookout for the next big thing. Your employees may put you in the perfect position to capitalize on a major social media event; all you have to do is pay attention to their advice.

You may have noticed that a great deal of this article has encouraged you to use a free hand when it comes to your employees’ social media activities. This is the nature of the medium. If you want to do successful social media marketing, the most valuable assets you could possibly have at your disposal are enthusiastic employees who are genuinely interested in telling people about your company. If you can cultivate that resource, the sky’s the limit for your social media presence.

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