Get Ready for The Hen Do of Your Dreams. Welcome to Prague!

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Prague, Czech Republic. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and also one of the largest.

Why are we speaking about it?

Because this is where your dreams will come to life. This is the place you’ll be speaking about for decades because it will host your hen do, the most awesome party of your bachelorette life.

Speaking about your life, you know that the whole “this is your last free day” is a load of bollocks. Nobody, and I literally mean nobody, should ever feel that marriage is a gate, that once shut, it will close behind it your liberty and the get-togethers with your friends.

Marriage implies more responsibility, that’s true, but feel free to enjoy the thought of crazy nights just like in your bachelorette days.

It is also true that a hen do is something…unique. Not because it’s the last party as a bachelorette, but because it celebrates your happiness and the new path you have taken in your life. It is the party that can be done differently that the rest of hanging outs with the girls, and surely it can be memorable, if you dare to make the best out of it.

Choose Prague for Your Hen Do and Dare to Have Real Fun!

Yes, choosing a new and mysterious location for your hen weekend is the first step towards unique adventures alongside your friends.

But that’s not all that matters, of course, when you’re planning this kind of hen party. You have to take into account things like activities you want to do, the means of transport and implicitly the whole budget for this adventure outside your city.

It’s a lot, I know, especially when you’re busy with planning the wedding party, the guests, the whole nine yards. Take my advice! Set a budget for you and the girls and leave the hard part in the hands of professionals.

Yes, there are many companies specialised in planning a hen do for the bride and her friends and, believe me, they really have an eye for every detail.

Take the hen weekend in Prague, for instance. It takes quite an effort for you to just…think and plan and test all the activities you might want to do in this city. Whereas a specialised team will have the whole activities they recommend tested and the whole journey planned, and, moreover, as long as you don’t stray from their advice, everything will be included in a fixed budget.

What’s to Enjoy During a Hen Weekend in Prague?

Lots of things, some you might have never imagined of ever doing them, like shooting a real gun, going on a witch tour or…driving a tank. Of course, there are also many things to enjoy that you’re already familiar with, like a day spa or a thai massage, a bowling tournament or an escape room challenge.

Don’t forget about special things you might want to remember later, like rafting (on real waters, on the Vltava River), indoor sky diving (which is an awesome experience, simulating a real skydive, without actually jumping out of a plane), or a river cruise (which might include a special strip number, only for the eyes of the ladies).

These and many more adventurous activities will await, if you plan the hen weekend in Prague with Eventhuse. And the most wonderful thing is that they have already checked each and every activity possible for your hen night in Prague, so everything is in top-notch condition. Check their website,, and you will fully understand what it means to have the most brilliant hen do you could’ve hoped for.

From Prague,
With love…

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